Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Honolulu Marathon is something everyone in Honolulu should see or experience! This is the second year I've run the event and once again I was struck by the magnitude of the race - the volunteers, the runners, the endurance, everything. It's a supreme physical challenge. However, this year was also memorable because of the sights - running the streets of Honolulu allows an up close view of the city/state that we call home. As the first notes of sun tipped the horizon over Diamond Head and the expanse of the island became bathed in the early morning light, I was struck at the frequently unnoticed beauty of Hawaii.

My results from the 2005 Honolulu Marathon : 10K: 01:09:17
Half Marathon: 02:27:16
30K: 03:29:15
Gun Time: 04:58:51
Finish Time: 04:54:45
Place Overall: 7331

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Who should run for the Governorship in 2006?
The City and County struck a loud, resounding, powerful tone when they actually listened to the people of Oahu and stopped the settlement that would have made the development of Waimea Valley possible. This was a public and political win on many sides - state, federal, local, environmental, cultural, and financial.

Any leader with vision who looks toward Hawaii's future should see open spaces like Waimea as a necessity. These mauka to makai expanses are necessary for the Hawaiians that own this land, they are also necessary to sustain the tourist economy - people come to see the beauty that can only be found here.

Kudos for Councilman Rod Tam who showed needed initiative and dynamism as a community leader in leading the charge to table the settlement.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Wes Clark is proving to be a solid voice in the Democratic corner. His editorial detailing the implications for troop withdrawal in Iraq, especially with regard to Iran, is worthy of a read.

Although my instinct says there should be significant drawing down of troops, there is a pragmatic side that says we have to make sure things are stable before we leave. How that 'stability' becomes a reality is a trick that the current administration has not solved. I think Clark is a realist that is at least making some sense; sense that is not prejudiced by the shit-storm in D.C.