Saturday, August 08, 2009

City Needs to Expand Community Garden Program

I attended the August meeting of the Foster Community Gardens this morning. There was a great turnout of members and there was a very lively discussion about attendance at meetings as it relates to having a garden plot at Foster Gardens. I give credit to Pam, the Garden Association President, for running a tight meeting and letting members express their views.

After signing up for one of the 57 garden plots, I learned that the waiting list is 27 people long; apparently there is very little turnover.

We need the Mayor and City Council to review the recent inventory of vacant parcels of land in Honolulu to determine if there are places to expand the community garden program;here are four reasons we need more of them in our city:

  1. They promote community cohesiveness and understanding - allowing people from different parts of the neighborhood an opportunity to interact;

  2. They promote a healthy lifestyle - allowing people space to work outdoors and produce fresh food;

  3. Deters crime by creating a public space that community members have a stake in;

  4. Keeps grocery bill low - growing a few of your own vegetables each month translates into savings, which is helpful in these tough economic times.

Urge Mayor Hannemann, City Council, and your Neighborhood Board to look into expanding and improving our community gardens in Honolulu.

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